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“Our doubts are traitors, 
and make us lose the good we oft might win, 
by fearing to attempt.”

― William Shakespeare


Pronounced: SIX-eL-LA 

Sixela J. Enterprise

Lexi Jones is Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & HypnotherapistHer belief is most physical sickness starts in the " Human Energy Field (Aura)". Therefore, If we can identify the issue in ones aura, and correct it, in turn the human mind & body will operate like the "self healing machine" it actually is. Once  people know who they "are" in the world (earth), and become receptive & committed to the healing process thru accountability and love; THEN we as individuals can make an effective IMPACT in the earth.

"The mission of Sixelaj Enterprise is to bring forth healing to the world thru empowerment. The vision is to serve as a base of knowledge and creativity for...

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Clients Speak!

"Logo design-Professional. Efficient. Reasonable. Brand focused. Really took time to understand who we are and what we are trying to accomplish and how to create an image that represented us. She exceeded expectations. Will recommend for all future endeavors and to others."

Rob Culpepper

Fort Myers, Fl

"Very professional. Website , logo , and brochures were done in a timely manner. Took the time out to meet all of my companies needs..even took a step further to assist in website management.. prices were unbeatable. I'll be using Sixela J. Enterprises for all of my marketing and advertising needs!"

Kim Taylor

Cincinnati, Oh

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"I'm leary about talking to anyone about my creative blocks an personal humps, let alone a stranger! lol However, after my initial consultation with Lexi, my entire thought process was challenged. She enabled me to see a new perspective, which in-turn created a surge of creativity & drive to be productive! Our hour One-on One coaching every two weeks have truly brought healing to my life and those connected to me! Thank You!"

Karen Mclair

Los Angeles, Ca

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