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"It is our birthright to live in abundance"

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Lexi Jones is Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, with a specialty in Energy Healing. Her belief is All physical sickness starts in the " Human Energy Field (Aura)". Therefore, If we can identify the issue in ones aura, and correct it, in turn the human mind & body will operate like the "self healing machine" it actually is. Once  people know who they "are" in the world (earth), and become receptive & committed to the healing process thru accountability and love; THEN we as individuals can make an effective IMPACT in the earth.

"The mission of Sixelaj Enterprise is to bring forth healing to the world thru empowerment and entrepreneurship. The vision is to serve as a base of knowledge and support for anyone with a passion for being a asset in the world. Sixelaj Enterprise is a collaborative of individuals, and businesses representing a movement that stands in authority of keeping first integrity and empowerment in the fore front of our beings. The ultimate goal is to ignite the light within individuals, so we can together , cause a positive paradigm shift in the earth by generating perpetual wealth and bringing forth healing to the LAND!"

Sixela J. (Lexi) is a Cincinnati native with a passion for the community. She is a well-known chef, poet, designer, A&R, visual artist, mentor, and marketing expert. She obtained the abundance of skills which created her proficiency in graphic design and business management via Northern Kentucky University and Cincinnati State College. Lexi's background includes graphic design (logo and web design), computer programming, business to business marketing, advertising, sales, creative/personal consulting and artist management.


Over the years Lexi has been connected with various businesses (local and national), organizations, and individuals such as: One Sight foundation, Vineyard Church, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), Syco, and Sony Entertainment Inc. to name a few.

In the last 10yrs Lexi has served as a life/ spiritual coach for many, thru one on one coaching, and various group settings. Her gifting of healing was exemplified even at a young age. However, after experiencing several tragic and life altering personal experiences she was able to truly put the healing gift in action! Many have witnessed her triumph and wonder how was she able to overcome. Sharing these techniques and lifestyle practices, is how Lexi has been able to impact so many lives!


Her experience in various industries for over the last 15yrs has paved the way for her success. Lexi is a visionary that is able and willing to bring ones’ ideas, concepts or products to fruition by providing the resources for progression, in all facets and focus. Anything in the rim of healing, business and the arts, she is ready to tackle with an abundance of innovative talent.

  • Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

  • Degree Focus - Graphic Design & Organizational Leadership

  • Master Herbalist 

  • 12+ Years of Corporate Experience

  • 10+ Years of Graphic Design & Marketing Experience

  • 20+ Years of Cooking Experience

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