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Solar Plexus Oil (Stomach Issues)

Solar Plexus (5th Chakra - ) – Sweet Almond Oil Base - Brings relief for stomach related issues



Peppermint – Analgesic

Rose- Antioxidant

Ginger - Anti inflammatory

Tea Tree – Anti- Bacterial

Lemon – Detoxifier

Fennel - Anti – spasmodic

Anise- Antioxidant

Clove – Anti –microbial

Coriander - Anti – spasmodic

Cardamom – Antioxidant

Cumin- Anti-Flatulent


Oils come in 10ml Oil Roller Bottle. 15ml Dropper bottles are available upon request ($5 additional)All oils are crystal infused for enhanced results!


Rub directly on to skin or burn in oil burner for maximum results

*Note always do a skin test to ensure no allergic reactions*

*This product is not intended to replace any doctor prescibed medications*

Solar Plexus Oil (Stomach Issues)

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